Badfellas - Tonino Benacquista, Emily Read While reading this, I couldn't help but visualise the author writing this and dreaming of the day it was made into a paint-by-numbers Hollywood comedy - because that is how Badfellas reads, like a book tie-in for a film that's already been released.That's not to say Badfella's is a bad book by any stretch by any stretch of the's just not that great, and there's not a lot to the story or the characters. Although, I wasn't too sure if was something down to the translation being a bit clunky.Nothing of genuine interest really happens until two-thirds into the book and even it doesn't feel that consequential even though it damn well should be. Interestingly enough, after finishing this book, I discovered that it has in fact been made into a film with a rather decent cast. I have a nagging suspicion that this may be a rare instance where the film outshines the source material.