Making Money (Discworld Novels)

Making Money - Terry Pratchett Won this on a goodreads giveaway, and about a week after I got this book through the post my cat decided that it was just the very thing he needed to vomit that kind of set me back a bit.Anyway, cat vomit and general disgust aside, Making Money is a sterling effort from the author of the long-running Discworld series. I'd previously given up on Pratchett around about the time of Thud, thinking that the series was simply treading water, but Making Money definitely hit the right notes as it were.The plot is interesting enough, I found myself warming to Lipwig a lot more than I did his last outing, Going Postal. Also, I cracked quite a few smiles along the way.You can't ask for much more from a Discworld book. It's definitely not the best book in the series to start off with if you're a newcomer to Pratchett's scribblings, but it's certainly a worthy edition to the series.