Ready Player One: A Novel

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline It's been several days since I've finished this novel and I still can't decide whether I liked or not. The plot itself is fairly basic and very predictable, the characters aren't very memorable and there's quite a few gaps of logic within the story. However, there are some clever touches within the book that stops me from dismissing it completely. I did feel that Cline went a little bit overboard with the eighties references and it really weighed the book down. I realise that was probably for the benefit of younger readers who missed the decade entirely, but quite a bit of the time some of the explanations simply weren't necessary; a fair bit of geek culture from the eighties has carried over into present day, so I think a lot young adult readers would have gotten the references regardless. Anyway, for a first novel it was a solid effort, but Ready Player One is by no means a modern day classic.