Tell-All - Chuck Palahniuk There are certain authors that make you feel as though you should have a bingo card with you when reading their work. Chuck is most certainly one of those authors. Although in his defence he does try and switch up his writing style on a regular basis in an effort to keep things fresh with varying degrees of success, it's just a shame he couldn't try and switch up his story telling style as well.Tell-All is by no means a great piece, but it's definitely not Palahiuk's worst work by a long shot either. Sure the constant name dropping gets annoying after the first few pages, and if you've read a couple of Chuck's books before then you know exactly where the story is going. That being said, there are some genuinely funny and sometimes insightful moments in Tell-All, enough to keep me from dismissing it entirely. Plus it's a very short read, so you won't feel as though you've wasted a huge amount of time.