The Dinner - Herman Koch, Sam Garrett

Somewhere in this book. there was a really good story trying to get out and I'm not sure if something was lost in the translation but something went horribly wrong here.

I don't mind unlikable characters, I don't mind if every character in a book is downright despicable - but if they are, then they damned well better be interesting enough to keep me reading and the plot better be top notch.

As it was...well, I couldn't wait to finish it really.

two-dimensional sociopathic villainy aside for the moment, I had a lot of problems with the gaping plot holes and downright nonsense logic in this novel.  Who the hell goes to a public place to discuss the fact that their children may have been involved in a murder?

Especially when one of the characters is politician with an extremely high profile?  Eh?

The thing is, I was actually quite liking this book until the big twist kicked in and after that it all went downhill.   Shame.